HUD Home Value
The estimated best bid is $55,325 for 24 Fall St, Williamsport, IN, 47993, Warren County
This house already sold. The bid HUD accepted was $64484. How does that compare to the estimate in your opinion?
This bid estimate is based purely on computer generated statistics and is given without any warranty expressed or implied. This could be thousands of dollars off from a bid that HUD will accept. Proceed with caution and only bid an amount that you are willing to pay for the property.
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Final asking price: $92,000
Estimated best bid: $55,325
Actual accepted bid$64,484
Days on market: 204 days

As-is value:$115000
Bedrooms:5 beds
Bathrooms:1.1 baths
Total rooms:11 rooms
Size:3424 sq ft
Year built:1885

Picture of HUD home at 24 Fall St, Williamsport, IN, 47993, Warren County (HUD Home case #151-910310)

How this information was computed

Average bid as a percent of first asking price: 57.45%
Average bid as a percent of final asking price: 70.32%
Average days on the market: 127.11 days
Total number of results: 9
Least squares linear regression curve for bid price based on days-on-market:
y = -0.1324x + 87.1499 (where x is the number of days on market, and y is the accepted bid price as a percent of the final asking price)

Don't understand least-squares regression? Here's what that information means in a table.
Days on the market:0 days10 days30 days60 days90 days120 days127.11 days
(average days on market)
Expected bid amount
(as a percent of asking price)

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Here is a list of the properties used to create these statistics
Case IDAddressSizeBeds/BathsYear builtInitial asking priceFinal asking priceSale price (net to HUD)Days on market
151-676750 6944 N James Rd
Attica, IN, 47918
1300 ft2 3/2 2002 $30000
(sold for 88.67% of this price)
(sold for 88.67% of this price)
$26600 2
151-807732 445 E 4th Street
Williamsport, IN, 47993
1264 ft2 3/2 1996 $104900
(sold for 26.88% of this price)
(sold for 67.14% of this price)
$28200 216
151-897961 302 South Main St
Pine Village, IN, 47975
1632 ft2 3/2 1940 $45000
(sold for 50.00% of this price)
(sold for 62.50% of this price)
$22500 170
151-812701 119 Hickory Street
Williamsport, IN, 47993
1168 ft2 3/1 1900 $41000
(sold for 12.99% of this price)
(sold for 40.36% of this price)
$5327 272
151-596400 7732 E Independence Rd
Attica, IN, 47918
672 ft2 2/1 1968 $10000
(sold for 81.70% of this price)
(sold for 81.70% of this price)
$8170 49
151-709890 7266 W Baltimore Hill Rd
Covington, IN, 47932
1298 ft2 3/1 1900 $36380
(sold for 55.53% of this price)
(sold for 55.53% of this price)
$20200 80
151-910310 24 Fall St
Williamsport, IN, 47993
3424 ft2 5/1.1 1885 $120000
(sold for 53.74% of this price)
(sold for 70.09% of this price)
$64484 204
151-844494 700 S High St
West Lebanon, IN, 47991
1220 ft2 2/1 1900 $21000
(sold for 61.90% of this price)
(sold for 81.25% of this price)
$13000 64
151-727925 2033 W State Road 63
Williamsport, IN, 47993
2240 ft2 3/3 1975 $55000
(sold for 85.63% of this price)
(sold for 85.63% of this price)
$47094 87

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